CONVERSIVE: Conversations-as-a-Service

Your message is locked in your head!

Let us help you UNLOCK your message and get it one step closer to your audience! Here's the process:

  • Provide outline and questions

  • Accept invites for online meetings

  • Engage in multiple conversations

  • Hand off transcripts to an editor

Nothing Beats Human Interaction

All Conversive conversations are driven by real people, not bots. It may happen some day, but for now, AI can't touch the natural intuition and nuance of a conversation between two human beings. The best and most genuine content comes from people, not processes. Conversive‘s conversationalists are:

  • Generalist professionals

  • Active listeners

  • Skilled at seeing between the lines

  • Great at keeping the conversation going!

Reusable Conversation Profiles

When you create a conversation profile with Conversive, it can be used to drive as many individual conversations and targets as you'd like. Some of the customizable conversation characteristics include:

  • Target audience

  • Conversation mood

  • Conversation length

  • Questions and data points

  • Overall desired outcome

On-Demand Conversations

You may not always know when a conversation needs to take place. Once you have a conversation profile established, we provide you a link that can be used to trigger conversations as you need them.

  • Unlimited conversations as needed

  • Automated Scheduling

  • Conversations by phone or online

  • Every conversation recorded

Conversation Outcomes

Every Conversive conversation has specific goals and outcomes that come from the Conversation Profile in the form of questions, discussion topics and/or data points. As we facilitate conversations, we are intentional about meet the goals set before us. With every Conversive conversation, you can expect:

  • Full AI generated transcript

  • Topic and sentiment detection

  • Video and audio recording

  • Profile data points extracted

  • Email and/or webhook delivery

Endless Possibilities

Customer Testimonials

Focus Groups

Product Surveys

Pre-Hire Screening

Employee Check-Ins

Student Testing

Our conversations unlock great brands like:

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